Comic, Toy & Racing Memorabilia Auction

Thursday 4th June 2020

Auction starts at 10:00am

Hayward’s Auction House are pleased to announce that our Comic, Toy and Racing Memorabilia Auction is now ready for viewing. The auction includes a large number of comics including DC, Marvel, Mad Magazines, Heavy Metal and many others.  We have Formula 1 Racing Memorabilia; jackets, caps, scale model racing cars and framed prints. We also have a selection of other model vehicles, Thomas the Tank Engine items and numerous “Magic, The Gathering” cards.

If you are interested in bidding on items in this auction, we recommend that you come into our rooms to view. As many of the comics are in large bundles, we are unable to photograph individual comics.

We are conducting this auction as a timed auction.

Click here to go to the Comic, Toy & Racing Memorabilia Auction

A timed online only auction is automated and takes place solely online. The bidding for each lot is opened at a predetermined level set by the auctioneer, usually at a set time and stays open over an extended period of hours or days. During this period of open bidding you will be able to see the current highest bid on each lot.

You may place a higher bid at a defined bidding increment you choose. In timed only online auctions bidders are automatically informed by email if they are the highest bidder, or if they have been outbid by another competing bidder. At the end of the defined bidding period, if the highest bid offered meets the minimum price designated by the seller as acceptable, the lot is sold. Bidding on all lots in a timed online only sales begin to close at a specified time, with lots closing at regular intervals until the auction has ended.

Our timed auctions allow extended bidding. In such a case, if a bid is placed on a lot within a specified time before closing, the bidding may automatically be extended for 2 minutes of time.

While timed auctions are designed to be online only, we understand that some of our customers may still want to leave book bids in a traditional manner. If you do want to bid on items but don’t access the internet then please contact us and we will place the bids on your behalf.

Auction Viewings:

  • Weekdays 9:00am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm