Selling with Hayward's Auction House

Selling with Hayward's Auction House

Why we think you should sell your items through auction?
Selling items through auction is a great way to establish what the real market price is. Unlike second hand dealers, at Hayward's we don't buy your goods, we sell them on your behalf. This means that from the moment we take in your goods until the time that they are sold at auction the goods remain your property. For providing this service we charge a commission on the final price of the goods (the hammer price). So it is in everyones best interest to achieve the maximum price possible.

What will my items be worth?
Because we never know what will happen on auction day it is impossible to give you an exact estimate of what the final price will be. However our staff are very experienced and will be able to give an idea of the price ranges that you might expect and in some cases it may be appropriate to place a reserve on your goods.

Can I place a reserve on my items?
From time to time we do place reserves on items, reserves are agreed between the auction house and the seller. Our staff and associates have the experience to help you find the appropriate reserve for you goods.

What if my item doesn't sell?
Generally at Hayward's we do not take in items for auction if we don't believe that they can be sold. From time to time the auctioneer may decide to pass an item in if they feel that the bids are not high enough. The item can then be held over for another auction or returned to the seller, often items that do not have a high value are donated to a charity store. When we take in items for sale our staff will discuss this with you.

How do I get my items to auction?
You can drop items off to the auction house on the following days:
Saturday 9m-12pm
Monday 10am-4pm
Tuesday 10am -4pm
Other times by arrangement.

Pick ups
If you can't get your items to auction then we can come and pick them up for you. We charge our clients for this service and deduct the cost from the final payment for the sale of their items.

Contact Us
If you have items that you are considering selling then please feel free to contact us during office hours.

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