About Haywards Auction House

About Haywards Auction HouseHayward’s Auction house is a 100% locally owned and operated Dunedin business. While the name has changed over the years Hayward’s have been providing the local community with auction services for decades.

Owned by Bridgette & John More, Hayward’s Auction House is very much a family run business.

John More has experience in business management and marketing including an MBA from Otago University. It is John’s job to go out and meet with customers, appraise goods and arrange for pick up and transport to the auction rooms.

After working many years as a pharmacist Bridgette More wanted a change and was very keen to get into the auction business. Bridgette is responsible for tracking vendor’s goods as they move through the auction process and making payments to vendors.

Staff: Bridgette and John are very fortunate to have a great team working with them. 

Lynn McCarthy is well known to all the auction regulars as she has been working at Hayward’s for over 10 years. Lynn is responsible for the day to day administration of the business and is the first point of contact for people when they contact the auction house.

Russel Knowles is also a long time employee of Hayward’s Auction House. Russel is an auction all-rounder, he is an auctioneer, helps with pick up and deliveries and the setting up of auctions. Russel has a real interest in bottles, crocks and early New Zealand pottery.

Sue More is John’s mother and as well as giving advice and support Sue is responsible for identifying and cataloguing items for the Antique & Collectable Auction. For many years Sue ran the locally famous shop Broad Bay China. Sue is an expert in all things china and glassware.

Jason Shaw, (Archie) is the main driver on the truck, helps out on auction day and does all the important little jobs that keep the auction house running smoothly.

Michael Stubbings helps set up the auctions. He has a real passion in all things old and interesting and knows a lot about a lot of different things.

Andrew Nikkel helps create the auction catalogues and is responsible for taking the photos that we post to Facebook each week. Andrew is interested in photography and early camera equipment.

Liam Taylor works part time at the auction house while studying at Otago University. Liam’s goal is to be a future prime minister of New Zealand.

James & Rebecca More (leadership development programme) James and Rebecca bring scooters to the auction and often help out riding piano trolleys down the ramp and drawing pictures on the whiteboard, homework (sometimes) and making very good cups of tea.
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